Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2mm Chef de Piquiet game, March 2013.

This is a practice game I put together at my house in 2013. I am using 2mm castings. The British have 60 men in a battalion and the French have 80. The village is from irregular miniatures. The rules I used are CdePK by Jim Getz (very slightly modified).

First photo - Three French battalions are attacking a British line and as you can see the end battalion has succeeded.
Second photo - same as above.
 On the other side of the village the French have succeeded in driving off the British and are only faced by a skirmish line.

A French regiment has succeeded in reaching the British line.
 In this photo you can see the British have suffered light casualties , but the French have suffered more.
Looking over the complete conflict, you can see the British are holding the left, and the French are doing well on the right. There is another British line behind the hedge at the top of the photo.
Left side - the French are pushing on - Right side - the French are pushing on , but are taking casualties - French cavalry are moving up in support.
 The French have decided to call it a day and are retreating on both fronts.
Same as above.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Long Forgotten Sunday Game

Three images of game of a played by Dad and friend up in Sunny Townsville. it's a Napoleonic battle, the terrain is has been put together by Dad. The forces are French and Prussian, the scale 6mm and the rules used was CdePK, the Piquet version of Chef de Battalion.

Originally Dad was doing this in 2mm but since he's 70 plus years young he thought he might give his eyes a rest and scale up to 6mm.